Join the waitlist for Meerkat Village, the platform that improves outcomes for children by connecting the adults surrounding them.

We want to invite you to be one of the first to be in the know about Meerkat Village, the platform that’s designed for you and your team to collaborate to meet your child’s needs.

Raising a child is no easy task. It truly takes a village.

But how do you stay on the same page with all the people helping your child? How can you ensure your son or daughter receives the best support?

When it comes to addressing your children’s social, emotional, and behavioral needs, it can sometimes become extremely challenging. Working independently makes it easy to become overwhelmed, but with Meerkat Village, everyone is on the same page.

Meerkat Village is the solution to the disconnect.

Meerkat Village makes it easier to ensure everyone in the child’s life is on the same page. This centralized platform improves outcomes for children by connecting the adults surrounding them.

The platform empowers and creates hope by facilitating communication, providing a simple way to develop strategies, and tracking the child’s progress as a team. You will have the opportunity to collaborate, share updates, get advice and track your child’s progress with any professional or natural support in the child’s life.

Meerkat Village has three primary functions that will set your child's Village up for success:


This feature allows you to strategize and work together with the team of people helping your child to develop successful strategies that will improve your child’s outcomes.


This practical data collection tool measures the child’s progress in response to naturally occurring opportunities.


This feature is your “same-paging” space for you and all team members to define and document the implementation of individual and team action steps.

About the Co-Founder

Dr. Crystal Morrison, the co-founder of Meerkat Village, has spent almost 20 years advocating for her children and navigating the system of care. As a mom of three, her experience in this field has helped her to understand the need for a centralized platform for parents and their care providers.

Now is the time for Meerkat Village. Parents bear the daily struggle of keeping all their child’s caregivers on the same page so their child can make progress and thrive. Meerkat Village empowers parents and builds collaboration and communication among the entire Village of adults supporting the child. From therapists, teachers, and specialists to grandparents, neighbors, and friends, everyone is welcome in Meerkat Village.

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